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How to activate pro version ?

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Hello Guys,

I bought some Minutes ago the Pro version of ProxySpider and got my serialkey.

unfortunatly i cant see anywhere a place where i can put in my key. Also the Tool told me its still free version 1.3 and that i should buy the pro version for no restrictions.

under settings and even in the ProxySpider Folder i cant find a file where i should put my Key in.

Im not using the Whitehatbox app cause i cant install it so i took the direct download of ProxySpider.

so how can i activate my key to get the pro version?

Thanks for the help

Edit: solved by myself there is e ver file where i can add my code manualy

2019/07/17 18:18:39

Ok thanks for letting us know.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

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